Reclaim Your POWER & JOY!!

Sacred Geometry - Spiral in AmmoniteEvery new-born being comes complete and pure into new existence, enjoying being fully authentic and present as its natural state. As time went by, this pristine being learned limiting beliefs from parents and society—learning to live in its head and ego and not in the heart or moment. Voices of doubt and fear eventually clouded its clarity, intuition, and connection to its highest self and to Spirit.

As a natural extension of Source Energy, you are a perfect being! The better you feel, the more you are in alignment with who you truly are. The worse you feel, the more you are disallowing that vital connection and denying who you truly are and always were—a powerful and joyful presence.

It is now time to remove the inner obstacles to you being the most loving, free, powerful, and authentic version of yourself. It is time to let go of feeling fear, lack, separation, and struggle. It is time to enjoy being in the flow of love, joy, magic, excitement, fun, and serenity.

The greatest present you can give to the world and yourself right now is to choose to operate from your true authentic self as much as possible.

When you consciously step into your authentic self, you empower and inspire others to step into their authentic selves. This domino effect gracefully ripples across the world in ways that raise global consciousness and vibrations.

You can be, do, and have what you can conceive of and feel as a reality. Everything that comes to you is in response to the thoughts you are thinking.

What are thinking these days?

Are your thoughts powerful and expansive or fearful and constrictive? 

Are you living from your true nature of power and joy or are you living as a mere shadow of your true self?

What can you do to reclaim your true self?

First, set an intention to feel good and focus on gratitude and what is going well. This is vital in gracefully returning you to your natural state of joy, aligning yourself to being your true self. Keep reminding yourself throughout the day of what is going right in that moment. Soon this becomes a habit and you will be amazed as how you feel more joyful and present and how life flows so much more easily.

So what else can you do?

Coloring and learning the lessons in the Color Me Powerful Animal Collection is one fun way to reclaim your true nature. This special collection of spiritual lessons and spirit animals focuses on reclaiming your true power! (After all, the subtitle is Learning to Reclaim Your True Nature of Passion, Purpose, Prosperity, & Presence.)

Another way is to consult with your guides through Akashic Record Soul Readings.

As a certified Akashic Record Practitioner, I can help you tap into messages to more quickly and easily live the life of your dreams, fully thriving in your power, fully present in your joy and purpose. I’m honored to be here to provide ease and grace in helping you reclaim your true nature!

Go here to find out more: Akashic Record Soul Readings!

It is not what you do, but who you are, that generates your power on earth, for your power does not come from a worldly source; your power comes from Spirit.

As you rest in the knowledge of your spiritual source and let go of what no longer serves you, your true identity is revealed to you. You align yourself with the truth that you are always an extension of Source Energyperfect, powerful, and complete.

You find stillness and power in the realization that this is so.

It is time to return to your centerpowerful and joyful… free to be who you truly are!

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