What Brings You Joy?

How can you easily bring more joy into your life? 

Joy can be found everywhere… 

In the Where Joy Hides and How to Find It Ted Talk, Ingrid Fetell Lee, designer and author of Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, shares how she studied joy for over 10 years, seeing how an intangible concept like joy could manifest in the tangible, physical world.

What really is joy?

“Broadly speaking, when psychologists use the word joy, what they mean is an intense, momentary experience of positive emotion—one that makes us smile and laugh and feel like we want to jump up and down,” Lee explains.

Joy is universal and can be found everywhere! 

Lee realized that the sources of joy crossed the lines of age, gender, and ethnicity.

“I mean, if you think about it, we all stop and turn our heads to the sky when the multicolored arc of a rainbow streaks across it. And fireworks—we don’t even need to know what they’re for, and we feel like we’re celebrating, too,” she says.

She explains how joyful things for nearly everyone speaks to the universal experience of human nature.

“Though we’re often told that these are just passing pleasures, in fact, they’re really important, because they remind us of the shared humanity we find in our common experience of the physical world,” she says.

Joy may seem elusive, but most can be accessed through physical attributes such as bright colors or fun patterns.

So what causes you to feel joy? 

This can be an activity, colors, shapes, a physical sensation… anything.

To me, being in nature, creating, connecting, seeing and feeling hearts, experiencing baby animals, treasure-hunting, making a positive difference, and sharing quality time all bring me joy.

So I created the Heart & Soul Colors biz to share the many ways I feel and have created joy in my life. I love colors, shapes, nature, sacred geometry, crystals, scents, and culture so instilled all of this here!

Can you connect any dots to understand why that particular thing gives you a sensation of joy?

In goinHearty leafg deeper, I found that joy is when I tap into my senses to fully enjoy each moment and the beauty of the world. I love to experience the infinite ways to find joy in the world.

Seeing a flower, smelling fresh brownies, tasting a fresh strawberry, intently listening to another, finding hearts in everything (including in bird poop and a “damaged” leaf), sharing deeply what lights us up, and viewing life as a treaure hunt all bring joy to me.

How can you create more joy in my life?

By watching for joy, we train ourselves to automatically see it more and more, so we soon create our own joy, instilling this into a natural part of our everyday experience.

So what brings you joy in your life? How can you create more joy in your life?

Please share your joy with us here!

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