Gratitude Rocks: Journal for Manifesting Passion, Purpose, & Prosperity

Gratitude Rocks: Manifesting Passion, Purpose, & Prosperity... One Heart at a TimeWelcome to Gratitude Rocks: Manifesting Passion, Purpose, & Prosperity… One Heart at a Time.
This is your 21 day Journal to Love!
This special journal will open your eyes and heart to love in all forms, naturally awakening you to your full potential and power.
Incorporating activities, insights, and questions, the gratitude practice in this journal will help you easily and gracefully develop a life-long habit of gratitude, the true path to love.

Through the simple gratitude shared in this journal:

  • Wake up excited every morning, feeling fully alive and thinking more clearly
  • Feel your senses come alive with heightened awareness
  • Experience higher quality relationships
  • Discover fulfilling love with deeper connections
  • Create more prosperity as you open to more possibilities in life
  • Live your purpose and make a greater contribution to the world

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Transform your life today using this simple 21 day practice of gratitude.
Watch your life flow easily with more love, connection, and grace.
From Sherlyn Pang Luedtke: “It is amazing what you can find when you are looking for it. The Gratitude Rocks Journal teaches you how to open up to love all around you. For the author, Mariette Pan, it takes shape in the form of hearts. She shares her inspiring, unaltered, original photos of spontaneously occurring hearts in this book, and they are a true gift to the reader, being whimsical yet profound at the same time. I read this book with my four-year old daughter, and we had so much fun playing find the hearts. It’s more than a lesson on seeing shapes. It’s a lesson in finding meaning.”