Buffalo: I Am PURPOSEFUL Coloring Sheet



I Am PURPOSEFUL Purpose: To be fully intentional, powerful, and passionate in living your purpose. 

Are you frustrated because you feel that you aren’t living your purpose and true potential?
Do you yearn to be living your life purpose?
Do you drag out of bed each day, motivated to pay bills and only “doing time?”

When we are in alignment with our purpose, we tap into the flow of ease, grace, abundance, and passion.

The buffalo seeks to help you establish a deep connection to the earth, bringing you strength of character and an independent spirit. It is the totem of abundance, showing you that you do not need to push or force, but simply to follow the easiest path to your purpose.

As you go through your day, feel the alignment of living in love, knowing that you are living your purpose. Know that every positive step you are taking is living your purpose, though the form of living your purpose will evolve. Have faith that you are on your path, and that your actions now already ripple forth to impact the world in so many unknown ways.

As you color in your special I Am PURPOSEFUL Buffalo, picture every stroke and choice as a root connecting you to Mother Earth and white light and source energy. Choose to be focused and fully in every moment. Turn off distractions and just enjoy the journey (not the destination), not caring if you color outside the line or if the colors aren’t perfectly coordinated.

If you notice yourself slipping out of the present, bring your awareness back to your connection to the earth and return to your natural state of full passion and purpose.

As your buffalo comes to life, imagine your body powerfully connecting each stroke of color to each atom in the universe, knowing that you are powerfully living your purpose.

As you color, experience confidence, vitality, and passion, and visualize roots and branches connecting you to universal energy and to your purpose. With the discovery of each symbol, reconnect to your innate connection and power and to universal energy.

Each day my life unfolds with absolute purpose.
Every aspect of my life is fulfilled.
As I live my true purpose, joy and contentment fill my life.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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