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Sprawling approximately 7,500 light years from Earth, the Heart Nebula is a mix of glowing interstellar gas and dark dust clouds located in the constellation Cassiopeia.

The nebula’s red glow and peculiar shape result from intense radiation emanating from a small cluster of stars near the nebula’s core.

Emanating love and joy, the nebula reminds your heart to stay open and naturally glow with high vibrations.

Its gorgeous, sparkling image symbolizes your heart—emanating love and joy, as a powerful, beautiful creation of Spirit that is always open and vibrating with love and joy. It is light and love, and not light years away!

Connect to universal love, serenity, and creativity through this loving heart nebula and look into this heart nebula for the hidden beauties in yourself and in each of us!

Watercolor created by principal colorist Mariette Pan 

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