Powerful Dragons from Bali


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The dragon is one of the divine animals of the four cardinal points.

Associated with water, the dragon is the rain deity, possessing the power to bring refreshing showers for abundant harvests as well as devastating storms and floods. It also represents the principle of heaven, the East, adaptability, the emperor, light, activity, the maleness in the yin/yang of Chinese cosmology, and is considered the ruler of scaly animals.

Dragons are also associated with the cosmic forces, for at the spring equinox it rises into the heavens among clouds, thunder, and lightning, and at the autumn equinox descends into the sea with the “Tide-ruling Jewels” of ebb and flood.

  • Hand-carved wood
  • Balinese
  • Small dragon: 6” x 4”
  • Large dragon: 8” x 5”

Additional information

Weight 115.0 lbs

Both (Large + Small), Large 8” x 5”, Small 6” x 4”


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