Wise Dragon & Phoenix Communion Batik


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Specially designed for Heart & Soul Colors, this powerful batik reminds us to powerfully soar into your abundance of prosperity and joy…

Dragons: Dragons are also associated with the cosmic forces, for at the spring equinox it rises into the heavens among clouds, thunder and lightning, and at the autumn equinox descends into the sea with the “Tide-ruling Jewels” of ebb and flood.

Dragons are often seen in pursuit of a jewel, fighting for its possession, or grasping it with their claws. The mystic jewel or “tama” was adopted by the Buddhist religion as symbolizing omnipotence through asceticism, and so being able to grant all wishes – originally flaming, it liquifies and then crystallizes into a beautiful luminous sphere, a symbol of the origin of our planet, Earth.

Phoenix: The Phoenix is one of the divine animals of the four cardinal points, representing the South and summer. This mythical bird, considered the ruler of feathery animals, is a strange and beautiful mixture of parts of other birds, and seems most related to the peacock and the pheasant, the total effect is that of a giant bird of paradise. Its appearance was said to mark auspicious events, such as the birth or rule of a virtuous emperor or the advent of a great philosopher (so would a great birthday present!). In pairs, swirling phoenixes represent the Feng and Huang, the male and female of the mythical phoenix species, symbolizing harmonious marriages.

Dragons: The dragon is one of the divine animals of the four cardinal points. Associated with water, the dragon is the rain deity, possessing the power to bring refreshing showers for abundant harvests as well as devastating storms and floods. It also represents the principle of heaven, the East, adaptability, the emperor, light, activity, the maleness in the yin/yang of Chinese cosmology, and is considered the ruler of scaly animals.

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