Moroccan Heart Dish


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Formed inside Mother Earth over the course of millions of years, these Orthocerras fossil dishes of spiral sacred geometry have been carved and polished to display gorgeously on your table, shelf, or windowsill! A perfect, one-of-a-kind bowl to store your favorite little treasures and keepsakes! Just envision all of the powerful cosmic energy these fossils have absorbed over eons of time!

These squid-like animals with hard shells lived in the Silurian age over 400 million years ago. These animals were in their fossilized state way before the first dinosaurs ever walked the Earth.

Each piece took many hours of preparation as the matrix is very hard.

  • Each bowl is unique; color and pattern will vary
  • Approx. 4″ W, 1″ H
  • Each dish is unique; color, pattern, and size will vary.
  • Imported from Morocco, North Africa

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