Selenite Wands for Cleansing Your Energy & Stones & Charging Your Grids



An amazing stone of cleansing and clearing, Selenite naturally dispels negative energy, removes energy blocks, and charges and amplifies other stones. Never needing clearing of its own, it is a must-have in your home, especially wands, as using them is an easy way to cleanse and clear your energy, as well as cleanse and clear the energy of your space and other crystals. They are also wonderful for charging and activating crystal grids!

Similar to smudging with sage (but without the mess), passing the wand around your body is a great way to clear yourself of any unwanted negative energies. You can also use it to clear your crystals and jewelry and charge and activate crystal grids!

To clear your energy, simply hold your Selenite in one hand, at the top of your head, and “comb” your crystal all the way down your entire body—until you feel the energy clear. This is a wonderful way to cleanse your chakras and remove any energy blockages.

To cleanse or reactivate your jewelry and crystals, place them in contact with your Selenite wand for at least six hours. Selenite magnifies and amplifies the energy of anything that is placed on or next to it, making it ideal for activating your jewelry and crystals.

Selenite is also wonderful for charging and activating your stones during grid work. Simply gently tap each stone with your wand.

  • Each crystal is unique; color, shape, and size will vary. (Wands are approximately 5 3/4″ to 6 1/4.”)
  • Selenite is very soft and brittle in nature so be gentle with your collection, making sure not to get them wet, as Selenite is water soluble.

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For more on the amazing Selenite crystal and how to best use each of these special Selenite pieces, check out our blog: Selenite Liquid Light for Clearing, Cleansing, and Protecting.

Selenite Affirmation: I am clean and clear. I am abundantly supported, as I unite with my higher self.

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs

Double-pointed spiral wand, Polished double-rounded wand, Polished pointed wand, Spiral single pointed wand


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