Heart-opening Eudialyte Pendant for Discovering Your Life Path & Power


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Purposeful & loving Eudialyte, wrapped in sterling silver!

Eudialyte carries positive vibrations and assists in filling your life with heart-based loving energy. Its encouraging vibration can help you recognize what direction to take your life in and aid you in discovering what your life path is. As a strong grounding stone, Eudialyte keeps you balanced and aligned to your goals. It will refine the energies in your life and help you manifest your desires!

This crystal opens the heart chakra, thus helping to produce a loving connection to base chakra energy, which unites your emotional feelings with physical expression.

It creates an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves, increasing your creativity and developing your clairaudience and telepathic abilities. 

Eudialyte will increase your physical vitality to help you achieve all your goals, acting like a battery that adds energy to you when you’re not at your peak. It will help you with the physical demands of making your dreams come true.

Eudialyte is also a powerful protection stone that will keep the negative energies away. It will help you let go of pessimistic feelings, as well as steer you clear of pessimistic people.

It will remind you of all the skills and talents that you possess and the many things that you can do with them. The energies of this stone will reassure you that you have what it takes to make your dreams happen.

Eudialyte will also impart personal power. It will make you more confident about your abilities, and it will inspire you to create a positive change in your personal circumstances.

It will also balance your emotions and relieve stress so that you will not overreact. It will encourage you to keep a handle on your emotions and express them in a calm and composed way. Eudialyte will inspire self-confidence

It’s a stone that will also promote self-love. When you love yourself in a healthy way, you will feel more balanced, and you will find it easier to accept everything about yourself. Eudialyte will keep that childlike wonder and delight very strong in you, helping your inner child joyfully play.

It will also unblock the blockages that are preventing you from being creative and living your true potential. This stone will let your innate gifts shine forth so that the whole world will know!

  • Hand-made, one-of-a-kind
  • Sterling silver wire
  • Created by principal colorist Mariette Pan 

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