Powerful Dendritic Opal Pendant for Complete Chakra Connection, Growth, & Intention


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Spiritual connecting and powerful Dendritic Opal connects chakras, empowers physical and spiritual growth…

Dendritic Opal (also known as Merlinite) connects all the physical chakras with a stronger resonance to the base color of the Opal, the white crown chakra.

The energy of Dendritic Opal helps with your growth, both within the physical body and with your spiritual growth. It allows you to be consciously aware of the nature of life’s experience, giving you clarity into your actions and bringing balance and harmony into your life.

Dendritic Opal supports your intent and helps you to organize your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you become discerning and are able to be accepting of others. This, in turn, helps you become more accepting, acknowledging others for who they are, a vital lesson for true growth.

  • Unique untreated, natural Dendritic Opal
  • Size: 67 x 25 x 5 mm
  • Weight : 67.5 Ct.
  • Wax cotton black cord included

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