Manifesting with the Magic of Akashic Records!



Heart NebulaWhat if you could make every choice in your life and business knowing it’s the right one?

What if you never have to experience the anxiety and uncertainty of running your business, ever again?

What if you had the deep peace and pleasure that comes from knowing you can turn to an incredible channel of Divine Love and Infinite Wisdom whenever you want – a place of complete acceptance and spiritual guidance that will never, EVER let you down?

It’s time to stop operating your life and business in the dark!


The Akashic Records hold the answers and wisdom you’re looking for, easily accessing Divine guidance. They contain a record of all your past lives, as well as your future potential. Guidance gained through the Akashic Records can provide real, lasting transformation.

If you want to clear your karma and break through the limiting beliefs and bounds standing between you and the life, the Akashic Records can help you!

An Akashic Records reading will reveal who you are at soul level and the Divine gifts you were incarnated with. They can clear the karmic blocks preventing you from using those gifts to live the life you truly desire. You will easily and gracefully flow forward in your personal and spiritual development and easily achieve your goals when you eliminate these blocks and restrictions. Reclaim your true nature of power and presence!

Experience the health, love, wealth, and happiness you deserve!

“Mariette gave me a beautiful reading which rang with Truth from the highest place. I love a reading that has the power to simplify and bring one back to the intuitive, knowing, loving Self leaving very little to question. This was my experience with my time with Mariette.” ~ Kimba Buske (Brightness Within Body & Energy Worker, Physical Therapist)

From an Akashic Records reading, gain soul-level guidance for:

  • A deeper understanding and more clarity around patterns that seem to keep showing up for you
  • Healing or clearing of those blocks or patterns that aren’t serving you now
  • Affirmation or confirmation of things you may be feeling or experiencing that are guiding you towards being in alignment with your life purpose and desires

“A consult with the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of your Akashic Records is a combination of mental clarity, emotional support, and spiritual alignment through Divine Wisdom and energetic healing.” ~ Your Masters, Teachers, & Loved Ones

Your Soul Readings

Every session is different and unique! I love being able to facilitate this amazing work with people, facilitating so many unexpected miracles and insights!

The Records are always there to assist on the deepest levels with your personal evolution by providing constant spiritual guidance and wisdom.

  1. One 45 minute to 1 hour reading: $108 (Expires in three months)
  2. Three 45 minute to 1 hour readings: $288 (12% savings! Expires in three months)
  3. Sessions will be conducted over Zoom (video conferencing) or over the phone.
  4. Once you have ordered a session, I will send you a link to schedule your session.

To best prepare for your soul reading, go here: How to Ask Questions in the Records

“Just had my first Akashic record reading ever yesterday with Mariette Pan. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it was quick and easy and the insights that came through were extremely valuable. If you are feeling stuck in your life it might be just the thing!”
~ Dane Dormio (Mind-Body Mastery Coach)

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